Stop Using SO MUCH Acetone!

Stop using so much Acetone with your Boat Restoration Projects!

For whatever reason its become common practice for DIY fiberglass repair guys to use acetone to wipe down their work surface after almost every sanding or fairing work.  Acetone is an organic solvent and its designed to "lift" organic "oils" above the surface long enough for you to clean it off with a clean dry rag.

The problem however is that very rarely is it necessary to clean each and every time after sanding.  Unless you're dipping sweat all over the work area or you were touching the work area heavily with your greasy hands, the chances that your area has new organic contaminates is slim. 

Just vacuum your work area to remove any of the heavy debris and then brush away and heavy dust deposits.  Any small sanding dust left behind will not affect the lamination of application of new fillers or resins.