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DIY Custom MDF Wood Hatch Molds

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Are you doing a boat restoration and need custom-sized deck hatches?  Are you looking to save some money by making them yourself?  If you have some basic knowledge of fiberglass part fabrication, my DIY MDF wood molds might be the ticket. 

Sure you can cut the MDF pieces yourself but speaking from experience, it is a lot more difficult than it sounds using hand tools.  There are many factors to consider including how thick your lid will be.  What size coring material are you planning to use? Have you considered all of the clearance issues so that the lid opens without jamming against itself?  

I've taken all the guesswork out of building a mold using my CNC Machine Cut MDF molds. My molds are delivered as RAW MDF and will require you to prep them to be usable as molds.  The prep techniques will depend on how many parts you plan to make from each mold.  I can offer guidance on how to prep the molds.  

**Builders Note - it does not make sense to purchase DIY molds if you are only planning to make one hatch.  The cost of materials, time, and labor will far exceed the price I charge for complete hatches ready to install.  This option is ideal for someone who needs several hatches of the same size.

What's included with a DIY MDF Mold purchase?  You will receive a hatch gutter mold (the part that installs into the boat deck) and the matching mold to make the lid.  

**PLEASE NOTE that the mold bases are not included simply because it will increase the weight and size of the mold making the shipping cost excessive.  You would need to purchase a piece of MDF at your local hardware store in order to cut the mold bases.  These will simply be two square pieces easily cut with a circular saw or table saw. 

Prices for DIY MDF Molds start at $285.00/set.  The final price will depend on the size of the hatch.  This price covers most small to mid-size hatches up to approx 32x20.  Anything larger will require more MDF wood and the cost will increase accordingly.  

If you would like more info on this product please use the CONTACT FORM to send me an email. 

See some of the images below of molds that I made for recent customers and finished hatches.

**SHIPPING NOTE - if you order on my website the calculated shipping cost will not be accurate.  My website does not have the ability to adjust shipping calculations based on custom sizes, weight etc and it will charge a lower shipping cost then the actual shipping price.  Shipping MDf wood is heavy and expensive and most molds require 2-3 boxes per size.  An invoice will be sent to cover any shipping cost due.