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DIY Hatch Mold Acrylic Templates

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Introducing our latest innovation – the all-new DIY Acrylic Hatch Mold Templates! For those familiar with my page, you know I've been offering top-notch custom CNC cut DIY MDF molds. While these are fantastic for streamlining the mold-building process, they may be a bit hefty on the budget for some DIY enthusiasts.


Enter our DIY Acrylic Templates, meticulously laser-cut and tailored to your desired dimensions. Perfect for crafting deck hatch molds, these templates offer an alternative for those who prefer investing more personal time and effort.

Designed to empower you to create your own molds, our Acrylic Hatch Mold Templates require only a handful of basic shop tools like a trim router, router bits, circular saw, and others.

Each template kit includes three precision-cut acrylic pieces, guiding you through the process of cutting every MDF component necessary for constructing a raw mold. While it's entirely possible to extract parts directly from raw MDF, we recommend a finishing touch to enhance the surface quality. Stay tuned for an upcoming video series where I'll walk you through the step-by-step process of preparing MDF molds.

  • Small - longest side shorter than or equal to 20"
  • Medium - longest side between 21"- 26"
  • Large - longest side between 26"- 32"
  • XLarge - longest side between 33"- 43"

You may place an order here and then CONTACT with the sizes that you need.  My lead time for shipping this item is roughly 2-4 business days.

Should you need guidance during any phase of your project, feel free to reach out via email. Elevate your DIY mold-building experience with our DIY Acrylic Hatch Mold Templates – your shortcut to precision and efficiency!