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Fiberglass Boat Deck Hatch with Gutter

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NEW INFO BELOW !! Fiberglass Boat Restoration Deck Hatches & Lids - SEE PRICES BELOW

** PLEASE NOTE UPDATES COMING SOON ** The images shown below are hatches that are now discontinued.  I am in the process of re-tooling all of my hatch and lid molds to create the best quality restoration deck hatches available to the DIY Boat Builder. New hatch designs will be very similar looking to the versions pictured below with only a few minor design changes and improvements.

All new versions will be fully resin-infused, utilizing the latest resin and composite technology. Resin-infused parts are significantly lighter and stronger than traditional hand lay-up parts, as the infusion process eliminates any excess resin.  

All new versions are due to be available around mid-June 2024. If you would like to place an order, I require a $50.00 deposit per hatch. Simply add the sizes you need to your order check out to complete the deposit payment.

Available sizes are listed below.  Dimensions are the lid size, and the actual deck opening is approximately 2" smaller on both sides.  EX: 20"x20" hatch has a deck opening of 16"x16"

Each deck receiver has roughly a 3.0" flange around the outside that can be trimmed as necessary to fit your deck cutout dimensions. EX: 20"x20" hatch has a total length and width of 26"x26"

Hatches DO NOT include hardware or hardware installation.  My hatches are designed to accept most 2" Compression latches.  I offer Gemlux 2" latches for $52.00 each and Gemlux stainless hinges for $8.75 each. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Hatches are finished in White Gelcoat. These hatches are restoration finish grade, which requires refinishing after installation to match the color of your project but color matching is available using Alexseal Paint Products for additional cost.

A rubber seal can be added but is not included.  All lids are made with 1/2" 6lb—density foam coring.

  • 48x20 - $875.00
  • 32x20 - $750.00
  • 32x12 - $720.00
  • 24x15 - $720.00
  • 20x20 - $720.00
  • 15x15 - $710.00
  • 20x12 - $680.00


 FAQ: "Do you make custom sizes?" Yes, custom sizes are available; however, each size requires a custom mold. My short-run custom mold fee starts at $650.00 for smaller sizes and increases based on the requested hatch size. Please use the contact form to discuss if you want a custom size. 

"Do you offer color matching?" Yes, we can color-match your hatches using Alexseal Paints after they are pulled from the mold. Gelcoat color matching is not an option, as the color variations with Gelcoat are very difficult to match. Gelcoat color matching should be done on-site. 

"What hinges should I use?" These hatches are designed with a recess for a few different Gemlux Stainless Hinges and are available for $10.75 each for a traditional hinge, we also offer a few different friction hinge styles as an upgrade.

"Are the hinges screwed in or through-bolted?"  These hinge lids have an AP5 High-Density Composite insert placed into each hinge recess location, making it possible to attach the hinge screws without through-bolting.  The AP5 inserts have phenomenal holding strength on screws and offer superior resistance to pull-out and cracking.