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Fiberglass Restoration Consulting

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Are you planning to start a new marine restoration project or a smaller fiberglass/paint project and need help figuring out where to start, what materials to use etc?  I am now available for a one-time consultation or an ongoing consultation service where you can have direct access to ask me questions as you go. 

When I started learning fiberglass repairs, I wished I had access to someone who could answer my questions about material selection and other difficult-to-find answers. Wading through the online chatter can be very difficult, and in many cases, the information and advice you find is likely incorrect.  Access to experienced business owners like myself could save you hundreds or more in wasted materials or even more costly building errors.

Please find my list of options below, and if you have any questions about these, please CONTACT me. 

  • One-Time Email Consultation $25.00 - This is a good option if you have a decent handle on your project but have a few questions that require clarification. I will help you through a few questions and answer them in 5-10 email exchanges.
  • Ongoing Email Consultation 30-Days $90.00 - This option is similar to the above but better suited for more questions or if you require continued support during your project's early stages. This option is limited to (2) new email topics per week.
  • One-Time Phone Consultation 30-Minutes $50.00 -This option is similar to my one-time email consultation but designed for those who prefer a phone call to an email. I will try to answer as many questions as I can in 30 minutes. After payment is made, I will coordinate a call time via email. 
  • Weekly Phone Consultation for 30 Days $150.00—With this option, you will receive one 30-minute phone consultation per week for 30 days.  
  • UNLIMITED Consultation Via Text Message 30-Days $125.00—This is the ultimate consultation option. You will have unlimited access to me via a dedicated text-only phone number between 10 AM and 7PM Monday through Saturday. Messages received outside of those hours will be answered the following day.  NOTE: abuse of this service will result in a cancelation and refund.  Please be mindful of my time, as unlimited doesn't mean texting me ten times per day.  Use your best judgment and respect my time. 

PLEASE UNDERSTAND—My income comes from my work at my shop, not from answering questions for free online. I am starting this service due to the overwhelming number of questions and emails I receive weekly. I want to be able to answer everyone's questions, but doing so takes a lot of time out of my work day, and I need to better control it as my social media presence grows.  It is not my goal to capitalize off every question someone asks me, but fielding 10-20 questions per week can soak up a significant amount of my shop time.