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Full Roll Chopped Strand Mat 1.5 Ounce 50"

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 Full Roll 1.5oz. 50" wide Chopped Strand Mat approx. 85yrds per roll. 
  • 1.5 oz/sq ft
  • 50" Wide
  • 0.045" Thick
  • Styrene Binder
  • Approx. 99lbs per roll

Chopped Strand Mat is most frequently used with polyester resin to quickly build thickness for parts and between layers of fabric for building molds. It can be used alone or with fiberglass fabrics or woven roving in larger fabrications.

Fabricators generally tear apart Chopped Strand Mat, rather than cut them. This maintains the length of fibers along the torn edge, which creates stronger bonds with subsequent layers.

Chopped Strand Mat contains a binder that holds strands together but prevents proper bonding with epoxy resins. PLEASE NOTE: It is only compatible with polyester or vinyl ester resins.