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General Purpose Hand Lay-up Polyester Resin

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General Purpose Hand Lay-Up Polyester Resin 1 Gallon each.

This resin is ideal for small or large hand-applied resin projects. The finished surface remains tacky longer, allowing additional coats of resin/glass to be applied without sanding the surface.

PLEASE NOTE: many factors must be considered when sanding is not done between cured resin layers.  A good rule of thumb is to sand the surface if the resin has sat for more than 12-24 hours however this is heavily dependent on the temperature, catalyst percentage, and the environment that the project is being worked on.  It's always best to err on the side of caution and sand the surface if you are unfamiliar with these factors. 

Ortho-based, 100% made in the U.S.A. General Purpose Fiberglass polyester resin is a promoted orthophthalic, unsaturated polyester resin, and is great for both above and below the waterline. General Purpose laminating resin is a standard within the marine industry for small to medium-sized boat manufacturers as an all-around workhorse. This resin provides exceptionally fast wet-out and spray-up capabilities and improved sag resistance while being extremely economical for applications and its abilities. Our General Purpose Resin offers great flexural strength with composites providing only moderate thickness needed. 

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