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Mini Deck/Livewell/Compartment Drain

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Do you have any area that you would like to drain and plumb water to a bilge location but you are super tight on space?  These mini deck drains are the answer.  They only require a .375"/10mm hole drilled the area to be drained.  Secured from the bottom using a sliding rubber gasket.  Does not require any sort of screws to hold it in place and creates an ultra low-profile drain that only sits 1mm taller then the mounting surface facilitating draning water at very low levels. 

Ideal for using in the corner of existing deck hatches that did not have a corner drain.  Also works great for draining small recess areas in consoles or other areas that may collect water such as coolers or live wells. 

Specs: 1.5" total height / .5" OD for drain tubing / 1mm stainless visual drain / .375" OD hole required