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7 Inch Round Fiberglass Deck Hatch

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PLEASE NOTE: The mold for this item is broken and I am not able to take more orders until the mold is rebuilt.  If you have a need for this item please contact me. 

Are you doing a boat deck restoration and need to retain access to components below the deck, behind bulkheads, etc.? Typically, a plastic version would be used; however, they could be more cosmetically pleasing.  My 7" round fiberglass deck hatches are a great option for a more professional-looking install.  Made with 100% fiberglass, these are designed to be sealed closed using marine caulk. 

The lid is 7" round, and the deck opening is 6".  They are delivered with a flange that extends about 3" for ease of installation into a new deck. 

These are restoration-grade white gel coat and may arrive with light sanding.  These will need to be recoated after installation.