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Starboard Doors & Hatches

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Custom Made Starboard (HDPE) Doors & Hatches


** PLEASE NOTE ** Current lead time is 1-2 weeks for custom doors.  If you would like to order, the price shown of $50.00 is a deposit to secure a built slot.  Payment in full is required prior to starting any CAD design work.  If you have specific questions please email

 Now available from Backyard Boatworks!  Fully custom Starboard (HDPE) doors and hatches.  Each item is custom designed to your specs.  The price for each door is based on the size and a few features such as the hardware and the mounting system. 

Below is a short list of a few details to provide a price quote. 

  • Color - White and Black 
  • Inside Dimensions - this is the size of the opening that the door will be placed into.  Please be sure to leave roughly a 1/8" - 1/4" of space to ensure a clean fit
  • Outside Dimensions - If you need the outside frame size to fit within a specific measurement otherwise all doors will be made roughly .75" larger than the opening dimensions
  • Mounting Option - Standard mounting requires screw holes drilled in the front of the door frame.  Upgraded mounting includes threaded inserts pressed into the back of the door frame to create a screw-less front door frame.  $35.00 upgrade per door.
  • Hardware - I typically make all doors using Gemlux Stainless hinges and latches at roughly $45.00 per door, however, alternate hinge styles and latches are available for less cost.
  • Rubber Door Gasket - A rubber sealing gasket is a nice option to keep the door from vibrating during boat operation $20 upgrade.