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The Captain's Putty Vinyl Ester Fairing Compound

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Vinylester-based fairing putty/compound. 

  • Ideal for fairing, bonding, and radius work
  • Above and below the water-line repairs
  • Superior strength and adhesion
  • Easy to Sand, Mix, and Apply
  • Longer working time compared to polyester putties
  • Great for use in molds for reinforcing tight radius prior to skin layer
  • Changes colors from blue to purple when mixed using red MEKP

Why chose a Vinyl ester Putty? VE resins and putties have superior chemical characteristics when compared to polyester based resin and putties as well they have a much longer working time.  When catalyzed at 2%, this putty will gel in about 55minutes at room temperature making it ideal for fairing and bonding when additional working time is needed.  VE resins also have an epoxy component to them making them the closest in chemical properties to an epoxy alternative.  If you are fairing a large area, our VE putty is a great choice for saving money when compared to a similar epoxy putty.  Additionally if you are top coating with a gelcoat, using a VE putty will be compatible and offers higher adhesion, heat resistance, and osmosis protection vs. a polyester based fairing compound.

VE resins cure with a much tighter crosslink making them ideal for below water line repairs or any repair that require optimum water/osmosis resistance. 

This product also works great for building radius in finish work as well as for use in FRP Molds.  This putty has become my shop workhorse for several years.  

Please note: VE resins are much more sensitive to temperature and moisture.  If you are working in a cold location you MUST ensure that the temperature does not drop below 65deg. during the curing process.  Use of this product in temperatures below 75deg. is not suggested.  Thin films of putty can take a lot longer to cure. 

Vinylester Resins have a shorter shelf life compared to Polyester resins.  The typical shelf life on this product is 3-6 months.  Always store completely sealed in a cool dry place.  

NOTE - This product is activated with MEKP925 which is NOT included with the purchase.  At the moment MEKP is not available from BYBW. 


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